Arches National Park features over 2,000 natural sandstone arches along with amazing rock formations. Forces of nature over a million of years in time have created this unique landscape.

Three of my favorite short hikes, Balanced Rock, Windows and Park Avenue, each lead you to a stunning viewpoint within Arches.

Arches: Three Gossips

Park Avenue

The Park Avenue hike is one of the first hikes to explore after entering Arches National Park. The hike is moderately easy except for the initial descent into the canyon. The hike leads you 1 mile toward the Courthouse Towers. When you return, retrace your route for a 2 mile round trip hike. The picture above is of my dad escaping from the huge sandstone Three Gossips behind him!

The Balanced Rock

The Balanced Rock trail is a 10 to 15 minute easy walk looping around this amazing red sandstone formation. Decades ago, a smaller balanced rock called “Chip Off the Old Block” fell off its pedestal as the sandstone around it eroded. This is a very popular photographed formation as views of the snow covered La Sal Mountains provide a spectacular backdrop.

The Windows

The Windows hike at Arches National Park is an easy hike leading to 3 huge and incredible arches. The 3 arches, the Turret Arch and the North and South Windows can all be viewed in this 1 mile round trip hike. Here is a picture of the South and North Windows.

Arches: Hiking ViewsI would suggest taking the primitive loop trail back to add to this adventure. This slightly longer, uncrowded trail loops around the back of the South and North Windows. Check out the picture of the scenery on the primitive loop trail.

Here is a picture of me enjoying my outside adventure in front of the South Window!
Arches: South Arch

My parents enjoyed the adventure too! We spent a great day together hiking and viewing the sights in Arches National Park.
Arches Hike

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Please share your own experiences about these hikes or other hikes you enjoyed at Arches!

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