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Kari Grigsby • Portrait Photographer • Park City, Utah


I provide outdoor life-style photography based in the beautiful adventure town of Park City, Utah. Portrait photography appointments are available at scenic locations in Park City and surrounding towns.  
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I enjoyed another great Moab adventure trip ending with an early morning rendezvous capturing pictures of the famous Arches National Park landscape. Enjoy!

I started my morning escapades with a short stroll to Turret Arch.
turrett arch

From Turret Arch, I walked over to capture the Double Arch with spectacularly clear and calm blue skies in the background.
Arches National Park

An Arches National Park photo excursion is not complete until one snaps a few pictures of the popular Landscape Arch.
Arches National Park - Landscape Arch

….and another photo with entirely different camera settings plus a unique viewpoint.
Arches National Park - Landscape Arch

On my way out of the park, I stopped at Park Avenue to take a few more of the vividly contrasting pictures famous to Arches National Park.
Arches National Park

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