Wyoming’s Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is the starting point for hikers and backpacking adventurers looking to explore the Grand Teton National Park, Bridger-Teton National Forest and the famous Jackson HoleMountain Resort.

Experience the shorter Top of the World hike viewing the staggering Teton Range or challenge yourself on the Rock Springs Loop traversing through mountain wildflowers, meadows and forests with breathtaking views of alpine peaks, the Snake River and the Jackson Hole valley. For the ultimate adventure, try a multi-day backpacking and hiking trip.

Aerial Tram from Base of Jackson Hole Mountain ResortJackson Hole Mountain Resort Tram

Head up Rendezvous Mountain on the resort’s Aerial Tram to begin your adventures. The 9-12 minute Tram ride safely takes you up over 4,000 feet to an elevation of 10,450 feet at the top of Rendezvous Mountain. Be prepared for the high alpine weather. You may start at the base of the mountain on a clear, warm summer day and find the top of the tram to be very windy and chilly with impending lightening and stormy weather.

Top of the WorldParagliding Rendezvous Mountain

From the top of the tram, hike the ridge-line through wildflowers with panoramic views of the valleys below and surrounding alpine peaks including the impressive Teton Range. This is a short .3 mile easy hike; however, be prepared for the high altitude and winds. I’ve seen all ages and athletic abilities enjoy this spectacular hike.

Remember to bring your camera because taking a picture of the Teton Range and wildflowers is a photographers dream. I love the views in the morning! It’s also inspiring to watch the paragliders soar off the mountain.

Rock Springs LoopCody Peak - Rock Springs Loop - Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Hike this amazing loop through meadows of wildflowers, forests and rock slopes. I hiked past a family belting out, “The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music…..”

Look for marmots, birds, deer, moose and maybe even a bear. View the valley and Snake River, hike by Cody Peak and traverse around the famous Rendezvous Mountain Terrain.

Jackson Hole WildflowersDespite totaling only 4.3 miles round-trip, this trail can be challenging because of the elevation, weather changes and steep descent and ascent. During my hike, the winds were very strong at the beginning. As I descended near Cody Bowl, the trail was steep with loose gravel, and I needed to be very careful of my footing. I completed the loop in 2.5 hours and enjoyed a few short side hikes leading me to stunning overlooks.

My ‘Top of the Tram at Jackson Hole’ Recommendations for You!

    1. I highly recommend taking the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Tram for the breathtaking views and the experience of smoothly and quickly ascending to the top of Rendezvous Mountain. The price of the Aerial Tram ticket is well worth it!
    2. I recommend strolling the Top of the World hike.
    3. For more advanced hikers, I suggest hiking the Rock Springs Loop. It is a great 2-3 hours hike though diverse terrain with awesome views. Ensure you are prepared for drastic weather changes, wildlife sightings and an amazing excursion!
    4. Remember your camera!
    5. Remember to bring warm clothing, so you will be comfortable in the cooler and harsher weather at the top of the Tram.
    6. After your hike, enjoy delicious waffles at Corbet’s Cabin on the top of Rendezvous Mountain. So Yummy!

All Day Hikes from the Top of the Tram into Grand Teton National Park

For fit, hiking enthusiasts, try hiking from the top of the tram to Marion Lake and back or hike down to Teton Village exploring the Granite Canyon trail.
Marion Lake: Grand Teton National Park
Granite Canyon: Grand Teton National Park

Enjoy and share with me your experience or questions!

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I agree that riding the tram is well worth it. We were surprised how it was 30 degrees cooler and very windy on top. Our family hiked on top and spent an hour looking at the sights. The area is beautiful.

Thank you Julia for the comment. I’m glad you and your family liked the tram ride and views.

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