Hidden Valley boasts spectacular hiking, bouldering, mountain biking and rock climbing within only three miles of downtown Moab. Plan to set out for a full day adventure of uncrowded rugged red rock terrain with stunning views of the La Sal Mountains, fins, domes, arches and rock art viewing.

Moab Hidden Valley TrailHidden Valley Terrain

The trail begins with moderate steep and rocky switchbacks until you reach a shelf that flattens out into the “hidden valley”. The switchbacks are fun for hikers. Mountain bikers may want to carry their bikes up or down this section, yet there is plenty of great terrain to ride on the Hidden Valley trail and beyond.

The Hidden Valley trail is four miles round trip. Two miles into the trip, adventurists have the option of connecting into the Moab Rim Trail. However, hikers can enjoy hours on the Hidden Valley trail discovering rock art and save the Moab Rim Trail for another day of exploring. Mountain Bikers will enjoy riding both trails in one day.


Hidden Valley Moab PetroglyphsHidden Valley Rock Art

The Native Americans used this route into the Spanish Valley. The petroglyph panels and habitation caves show a history of both the Anasazi and Fremont cultures overlapping.



Hiking MoabMoab Desert: Respect the History

The Hidden Valley Trail is part of a Wilderness Study Area. Sadly, recent graffiti plagues a few panels of Indian history. Please respect the historical cultures so the panels can be enjoyed for many future generation.
Also, please stay on the trails. Walking off the trails disturbs the cryptobiotic soil, the thin skin of living organisms critical for the survival of the great Moab desert.

Moab ViewsHow to Get to Hidden Valley

Head south three miles on U.S. Highway 191 from downtown Moab. Take a right on Angel Rock Road, turn right on Rim Rock Road and you will see the trail head shortly after.



Moab Petroglyphs

What does this panel depict? Let me know what you think!

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I researched what was in the picture, but I found info on your other picture. Interesting! Check out this link.


Thanks John for the link! When I took the picture, I didn’t notice the finer details mentioned in the link. Very interesting.



Great pics Kari! Maybe they saw pregnant aliens from outer space? I would love to visit and hike with you this summer. ~Jen

Thanks Jen – I hope you come down too! Hmmmmmm – pregnant aliens from outerspace? I think you are on to something!


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