Exploring Devils Garden in Utah’s Arches National Park is a favorite hiking adventure of mine. Landscape Arch is the first spectacular destination with possibly the longest span of ribbon of rock in the world. Short trails beyond lead to several more miracles of the desert: the Navajo Arch, Partition Arch, Pine Tree Arch and Tunnel Arch. For stronger hikers up for an adventure, the trail continues to the Double Arch and Dark Angel.

Landscape Arch

Landscape Arch
This beautiful Landscape Arch pictured above is an easy 2 mile round trip hike from the Devils Garden trail head parking lot. Allow at least 30 minutes to hike and take pictures of this thin ribbon of rock spanning more than a football field in length. The trail can be very popular and crowded. Short hikes nearby take you to the Tunnel Arch and the Pine Tree Arch.

Double O ArchDouble O Arch

Now the adventure begins as explorers hike on narrow and steep ledges and sandstone slabs to the Double O Arch (see picture on right of the trail). Devils Garden HikeThis is my favorite part of the hike as the terrain is fun, the scenery is incredible and few people venture this far on the trail. On the way to the Double O Arch, short trails lead you to the Partition and Navajo Arches.

This hike is 4 miles round trip from the Devils Garden trail head parking lot. Allow yourself a 2-3 hours to hike and view the sights. Bring plenty of water.

Dark AngelDark Angel

The Dark Angel stands alone and is a stunning 150 foot tall sandstone pillar one mile further than the Double O Arch. For a final surprise, look for the nearby petroglyphs. I suggest allowing yourself a minimum of 4 hours for the entire round trip hiking, picture taking and sightseeing adventure.

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My husband and I (intermediate hikers) recently hiked this trail because I read online that it was an “easy” hike and to ignore the warning signs posted by the park service. This is a very difficult hike, inncluding rock scrambling, wading through muddy water and traversing a very high fin rock (a high narrow ledge of rock). Be careful if you decide to ignore the warning signs!

Thank you Terri. I greatly appreciate your insight. I agree that if you hike past Landscape Arch and continue to Double O Arch, the terrain gets challenging with the narrow ledges of rock! I hope you enjoyed the hike!


This was one of my favorite hikes. I stopped at Double O Arch. I’ll have to return and hike to the Dark Angel and petroglyphs.

Hi Steve- Hiking all the way to the Dark Angel is very peaceful and beautiful. Let me know how it goes!

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