Moab visitors, locals and dogs love the Negro Bill Canyon hike. The hike follows a clear stream with lush green foliage contrasting brilliantly with the red sandstone canyon. You’ll reach the impressive Morning Glory Natural Bridge, a 243 feet long span of rock, at the end of the trail.

Negro Bill Canyons Trail

Walking across the stream!


The Negro Bill Canyon is a hiking only trail, a little over 4 miles round trip, following a stream through the colorful canyon. I saw families and walkers of many fitness abilities participate in this hike. Yet the trail can be moderately challenging as it crosses the stream a few times. I was able to step on rock stones and cross the stream while keeping my tennis shoes fairly dry; however, I would recommend sports sandals to prevent potentially uncomfortable soggy shoes.

Rappelling Morning Glory Natural ArchThe trail is a beautiful showcase of the diverse desert terrain with steep red rock walls, lush green cottonwoods, prickly cactus, desert flowers and a perennial stream to follow. To escape from the intense high desert heat, you’ll find many shady spots to relax. At the end of the trail, the Morning Glory Natural Bridge, the 6th largest rock span, is an inspiration. It’s cool and shady under the bridge and a great place to rehydrate and enjoy a picnic. I was fortunate to see a group of boys rappelling down the arch!

Dog Friendly - Moab Trail

Negro Bill Canyon is Dog Friendly

The Negro Bill Canyon is a great hike to appreciate with your dog. Since you can not hike with your dog in the nearby Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, this adventure is a perfect choice to enjoy Moab’s unique wonders of nature. Your dog can cool off and play in the stream. I would recommend hiking in the early morning because the high desert afternoon heat can be unsafe for your dog. Also, please keep your dog in control or on leash. Cactus and poison ivy surround the trail path.

Moab: Negro Bill Hike

Trail Head Location

Head north from downtown Moab on U.S. 191. Turn right onto Utah Scenic Byway 128 paralleling the Colorado River. Continue for 3.1 miles and the trail head is on your right.

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    Hi Kari,

    Great pictures. My dog & I loved this hike last year. I think we will try the Hidden Valley trail next time!

    Hi Penny – The Hidden Valley trail is also awesome to hike with your dog. There isn’t a stream or shade for your dog to cool down, so I would hike in the early morning during the hotter months.
    Enjoy and thanks for reading!


    Thanks for sharing. I was looking for a good trail to take my dog when I visit next month. Is that a picture of your dog?

    Hi Jay – I am sure you will love this trail and so will your dog! The cute dog in the picture isn’t mine. I have a chocolate Labrador, and I hope to take her on this hike soon.

    Enjoy the hike!

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