Nine Mile Canyon

Hunter Panel

The Nine Mile Canyon in Utah is a stunning, historical 40 mile canyon showcasing over 1000 panels and 10,000 images of petroglyphs and pictographs. Petroglyphs are carved, pecked or chipped into the sandstone panels. Pictographs are painted onto stone.

The unique history of rock art in this canyon is attributed mostly to the Fremont Native American. The Anasazi and Ute cultures also contributed to the panels. It’s always entertaining imagining the meaning and inspiration behind each petroglyph.

Nine Mile Canyon Male

As you drive through this incredible canyon with desert mountain views and high sandstone canyon walls, you’ll find panels petroglyphs assessable off the side of the road or within a short hike.

Nine Mile Canyon MaleThe Fremont Native Americans inhabited Nine Mile Canyon to 1250 A.D. Along with the rock art, rock shelters and granaries are located in the Canyons.

By the 16th century the ancestral Utes arrived and added to the rock art.

Nine Mile CanyonNine Mile Canyon Directions

To reach Nine Mile Canyon, head east from Wellington on US 191/6 onto Soldier Creek Road, 2200 East, at Walkers Food and Fuel Chevron Station (where you’ll want to make sure you have a full tank of gas and fill up water bottles before entering the long stretch into the canyon without any services!). You’ll then drive about 20 miles on paved and dirt roads to the start of Nine Mile Canyon. The Canyon drive is about 40 miles along.

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Nine Mile CanyonPlan a full day to drive, view the amazing sights and take a few side hikes. I highly recommend this adventure exploring art history. I would suggest having a map to help you locate the panel sites on the side of the road; however, it’s also fun to find them yourself. Take your camera!

Nine Mile Canyon
The Canyon is a beautiful drive!


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Alan J. Peterson

No more dust problem. The road is now paved. Problem solved.


The petroglyphs are amazing but to see them you have to put up with heavy trucks going by about every 3-5 minutes. We camped at Nine Mile Ranch and the truck traffic continued through the night, although it was much less. Very difficult to enjoy and explore with the constant traffic and dust.

Hi Ann,
Thank you for your comment. It is unfortunate that truck traffic and activity continues to increase through such a beautiful and historic area.


I’m sorry to hear about the trucks and the noise. We have planned a family reunion there this Fall and I’m very disappointed to hear this about such a National Treasure!


The pictures are incredible. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you Zena. The petroglyphs are truly amazing to view.

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