Want to soar high in the sky with stunning aerial views of the Teton Range, Snake River and Jackson Hole valley in Wyoming? Want to fly like an eagle and experience the inexplicable feeling of pure freedom and exhilaration? Try paragliding from the top of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort! The Aerial Tram takes you up the famous Rendezvous Mountain. You’ll start paragliding from an elevation of 10,450 feet as gentle breezes let you fly over the most spectacular scenery.

Paragliding: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
I experienced this amazing adventure on my birthday (thanks to my friends!). It was a wonderful surprise. I’d been staying in Teton Village, home of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, for months watching paragliders land with huge smiles on their faces. I knew I wanted to try it.

Paragliding Jackson Hole Mountain ResortThe Tandem Paragliding Experience

We headed up the tram on a sunny and cool morning. The winds were light, and it looked like the perfect time to paraglide! We were paired up for tandem paragliding with very experienced instructors. I was a bundle of excitement and nerves. My instructor expertly explained to me exactly what would happen, and I felt very confident in a successful flight.

We both had our own harness, and I sat in the front position for the best views! For launch, we ran a few fast steps together. I ignored my anxiety and felt my courage and adrenaline take charge. The momentum and breezes picked us up and within seconds I was sitting in a comfortable seat flying in the sky!

Paragliding Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

My nerves disappeared instantly as I sat back in awe. I was flying! What a glorious feeling. I was floating in the air! It was inspiring, peaceful, relaxing, exciting and slightly unnerving all at the same time. Hearing and feeling only the wind against my face was magical! Soaring with breathtaking views of Wyoming’s rivers, mountains, meadows and forests was sensational!

Paragliding Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Paragliding: What To Know

    Professional pilots at Jackson Hole Paragliding take you on your adventure.

  • You’ll be airborne for about 20 minutes –it’s the most amazing 20 minutes ever!
  • With the high elevation and winds, it can be cold while flying. Dress appropriately. Wear athletic shoes, long pants, a wind breaker and warm layers of clothing.
  • Bring a small camera (I tied the strap to my wrist and captured a few of these shots while airborne.)
  • I recommend picking a sunny day with light winds for the best first time experience. Believe me, you will want to fly again!

Contact Jackson Hole Paragliding for more information or visit the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort activity center.

Have you paraglided? Share your experience or ask questions!

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Dave Kirkland

5/30/14 My brother-in-law, sister-in-laws and my wife were on our way to Teton Village to ride the tram up and saw folks paragliding and I made statement that most be awesome. On the tram on way to top of the Mountain, there stood Tom Barlett and I started asking him how I could do that and he said it takes an afternoon to learn, I said don’t have an afternoon. He said you can tandem with me, thats all I had to hear. Did a little paperwork and sailed off the 10,450 mountain it was so breath taking looking down on snow covered mountains I was truly flying with the eagle’s. Remember I said that must be awesome, it was so much more than that, no words can explain it. Thank you Tom Barlett for being one of the pioneers of paragliding. One thing I can tell everybody I will do this again and it is my dream that one day I will be coming off mountain by myself. O by the way I am 64 years old.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with us!

Sally Frazier

In 1996 I was visiting Jackson Hole with my sister and her daughter and a friend of my sisters and it was a trip of a lifetime for me. I overheard a young man telling a guide in the park that he had just done this. I have always wanted to jump from a plane and this was as close as I was going to get . My sister was celebrating her 50th Birthday and we did it all, hikes to Jenny Lake, horseback riding in Teton Village, rafting down the Snake River, Moose sight seeing at night, building a snowman on top of the Tetons in July, Parade watching on the 4th, fireworks watching off the Mountains,( that echoed forever), Alpine slide, a cookout at a Dude ranch, elk, bald eagle and bear watching and so much more………..but I had to try tandem paragliding. And so I did at around 10,000 feet and it was the most powerful experience I have had. Tom Bartlett was my instructor and so thorough with what was about to happen. ” Wait for a hot thermal” he said and then we will walk 3 steps, run three steps and off the cliff we go———-ouuuuu at 60 I can’t believe I did it, but something inside me thinks it would be fun to do again. This area is full of so much natural beauty, it will make you cry. A life long memory I have, it makes me smile to think of it.

Sally Frazier

Side note- I was 44 then, and at 60 now I can’t believe I did it then.

Hi Sally! Thanks for sharing your amazing experience. On the day I went paragliding, a lady in her late 60’s also went for her first time, and, after the flight, she said she may never stop smiling.

While the beautiful memory will always remain with you, I bet you would try it again if you had the chance!

Thanks again for sharing.

Sally Frazier

Yep, that’s the feeling!

Donna F.

Question: we are planning an early May trip to Jackson Hole (may 10) is paragliding available at that time? Thanks

Hi Donna, I would email Scott Harris at scott@jhparagliding.com or call him at 307-690-8726(TRAM). While May is off-season, Scott, at Jackson Hole Paragliding, should be able to assist you with the best information.

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