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Kari Grigsby • Portrait Photographer • Park City, Utah


I provide outdoor life-style photography based in the beautiful adventure town of Park City, Utah. Portrait photography appointments are available at scenic locations in Park City and surrounding towns.  
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View snapshots of my amazing spring adventure. I drove on scenic backroads and explored new terrain and towns. I played for days in Sedona and Flagstaff, visited Arizona’s historic Ghost Towns including Tombstone, Jerome and Bisbee, explored Southwestern New Mexico’s Silver City and Gila National Forest, camped in lush forests, next to streams and rivers, in remote desert spots and in America’s beautiful National Parks, shared good times and stories with friends plus visited a few of my favorite National Parks – Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Arches. Town of Sedona, Arizona Driving the curving, scenic road from Flagstaff to Sedona offers stunning views of red rocks and colorful foliage. The artisty tourist town of Sedona with panoramic views of the red rocks is a visual delight. There’s a church built in the red rocks: Sedona’s Church of the Red Rocks. Sedona's Church in the Red Rocks Driving by Theodore Roosevelt Lake and heading to Southern Arizona. Love the huge Saguaros near the lake. Cactus - Arizona Travels Time to explore the Old West and famous southern ghost towns. Walking the streets of Tombstone, Arizona where the Western Legends – Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp – walked over 130 years ago. Tombstone, Arizona sightseeing Tombstone, Arizona: Gunfights, cowboys, dusty streets and whiskey. Cowboys in Tombstone, Arizona Dusty Tombstone, Arizona 806 tomb signs Tombstone Arizona Enjoyed a drink…or two with a friend at Big Nose Kates Saloon in Tombstone.Big Kate's Saloon in Tombstone Rambling through another Old West mining town – Bisbee, AZ. Today, it’s a small town blending mining history, turn of the century Victorian structures with a vibrant culture of artistic flair tucked away in the Mule Mountains. A local walking the downtown streets. Bisbee Arizona Historic Bisbee Arizona Unique wall art – graffiti – through the historic/modern town of Bisbee, Arizona. Even Banksy style…. Art in Bisbee, Arizona Banksy in Bisbee Arizona Bisbee, Arizona flair   Heading to Silver City, New Mexico. Leaving Arizona, Heading to New Mexico Passing through Silver City, New Mexico before exploring and camping in the Gila National Forest. Silver City New Mexico Silver City New Mexico Art Arizona’s Petrified National Forest. Petrified National Forest Jerome, Arizona, a historic copper mining town once known as the wickedest town in the west! Located high on top of Cleopatra Hill and with a 30-degree incline of the mountainside, some buildings have slowly been pulled down the slope. The town is a mixture of old history with a modern inviting artistic flair. Jerome, Arizona Sightseeing at Grand Canyon National Park. Views from the parks South Rim. facebook-gcnp Grand Canyon National Park Views Grand Canyon National Park’s Desert View Watchtower. Grand Canyon Tower River Grand Canyon Lee’s Ferry near Page, Arizona. I’m on the bridge overlooking the Colorado River. Condors rest on the bridge. Lee's Ferry Arizona Lee's Ferry, Arizona Kula, next to the Colorado River. ku Back in Utah. It snowed! Heading to Bryce Canyon National Park. Heading to Bryce Bryce Canyon National Park views. 806 more bryce Bryce Views   bird tree frame bryce Hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park Hiking down into the canyons at Bryce Canyon National Park. I didn’t see a person for hours. Falling rocks echoed through the canyon. bryce door   I camped a few nights in the San Rafael Swell then back to a favorite place of mine: Arches National Park and Moab. Arches National Park Almost home: Kula and I chilling at Sand Flats campground in Moab. Cheers, a great way to end another incredible adventure. Sand Flats Camping Moab
I’m back to Park City, Utah for the summer! Stay tuned for my day hiking photos and weekend camping trip adventures.

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